Reindee Lusion RL-81 Techwear Pant


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Size: S

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Color: Black

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Key Features of RL-81 Steven Cargo Pants:
  • Scothgard 3 M Composite Water Repellent Fabric with Quick Drying Features
  • Adjust Belt with Rachet Buckle Head for convenient sizing
  • Adjustable leg girth with belts and buckles
  • Asymetrical Zipper Bag with Right Stereo Bag for improved storage of items
  • Zippered Trouser Tube for adjustable tapering at the bottom



Material Composition: Scothgard 3 M Composite Water Repellent Fabric

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: Black

Subdivision Style: Tide

Clothing Version: Cargo Styled Techwear Trouser

Alternate Name: Reindee Lusion Steven Cargos


Reindee Lusion RL-81 Techwear Pant
Sizing in Centimeters
Size Pant
Waist Hip
S 95 80 113
M 97 84 117
L 99 88 121
XL 101 92 125


Reindee Lusion RL-81 Techwear Pant
Sizing in Inches
Size Pant
Waist Hip
S 37.5 31.4 44.4
M 38.1 33 46
L 38.9 24.6 47.6
XL 39.7 36.2 49.2


Reindee Lusion RL-81 Techwear Pant also known as the Reindee Lusion Steven Cargo Tech Wear Pants in some other popular website is one of the best value of money techwear pants out there that you can buy today.

Steven Cargo Pant | Water Proof Techwear Pant

These Steven Cargo Pants or RL-81 Pants, choose anyone you prefer are characterized by 100% polyester material with 90/5 DWR Coating and is made up of 3 M Scothguard Technology offering 100% water and weather resistance.

These Reindeer Lusion Techwear Pants features quick-drying technology with an asymmetrically designed zipper bag. It also has an adjustable buckle in the leg girth for proper adjustment. It also has a stereo bag added on the base of the left pocket to improved storage.

Steven Cargo Pant | tech wear pant

The RL-81 Tech Wear Cargo Pant features a ratchet tightening waist clip and adjustable tapered bottom with high quality zippers that ensures perfect fit every time you wear it.

Steven Cargo Pant | Reindeer Lusion Pant

Buy these pants without any second thought if you are starting your techwear journey.

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